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Energy Healing
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Energy Healing
Holistic Health

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$199per day

  • Star Light Skin Care
  • Body Techniques
  • Therapeutic diets

$251per day

  • Star Light Skin Care
  • Body Techniques
  • Therapeutic diets

$541per day

  • Star Light Skin Care
  • Body Techniques
  • Therapeutic diets


What Our Clients Say About Us

I have read many self help or so called life changing books and always used to wonder if life could really be lived like preached in these books ? Sorted, organised amidst the chaos life itself brings? But only until I met Aditi for my PLR session. The peace inside her clearly reflects on her face. She, with her warmth made me so comfortable and at ease. Not only the session went perfectly but the insights she beautifully shared, before and after are like jewels for me. I pretty often hang on to them when in a fix, they are my anchors now. With the gentleness, love and empathy she has, no wonder she is a healer. Wishing Aditi all the best in all her endeavors.

Manika Shah
Manika ShahOwner and Founder at Early Insight

Aditi.. One of those few people who know, the path they are walking on, so well that they are role models for many.. Including me. One of the best of the bestest Past life therapist i have ever met. She is so sound and nothing less than an expert. I have been part and parcel of many sessions and workshops conducted by her,which have been nothing less than life changing experiences. I am blessed to be a part of her journey. Wishing her all the very best for all her future endeavors!

Rashmi Srivastava
Rashmi Srivastava

I attended a PLR workshop conducted by Aditi which was not just a workshop but a life turning moment for me. For me it may not have solved all the problems of my life but certainly it has given me a new aspect of seeing my life and counting my blessings. Amazing part is attaining the mental peace and getting answers of so many why’s of the life ... thanks so much Aditi and Rashmi

Swati Srivastava
Swati Srivastava

Amazing journey with aditi so far... Blessed to have been lucky enough to experience PLR Workshop... She is totally an enthusiast soul , always exploring new dimensions to help , guide and motivate ppl.

Akansha KhemkaBrainworks

It was a life-changing experience for me. I m thankful to Aditi Ji for such a wonderful PLR retreat. I learnt a lot . Aditi Ji u r an angel for me who made my life angelic. Now I can take challenges with a smile

Reeta Sharma
Reeta SharmaLecturer

Aditi has been an important instrument to my journey in the meta physical world..She is warm and committed person..Her therapies help people change, grow and discover themselves.
I have no reservations in recommending her.

Swati Sharma
Swati SharmaStudent

I have attended a PLR workshop and many other workshops with Aditi and the experiences in all of them were brilliant. All the workshops were amazingly organised, the hospitality and all the arrangements were nice, the therapy itself was very helpful and enjoyable. I simply loved the whole experience.

Seema Tekchand
Seema TekchandStudent

I attended the PLR workshop at pushkar in Jan 2017 it was a wonderful experience for me .
I really and truly was amazed by the efforts put by Aditi from organising,training and every minute aspect of the session I enjoyed every moment of it.
My heartfelt thanks to DR. Geetanjali saxena and Aditi for awesome PLR workshop.

Geeta Yadav Pahwa
Geeta Yadav PahwaHouse Wife

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