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What is Angel therapy?

  • We are surrounded by loving & powerful angels who want to assist us in every area of life. It is no coincidence that these beings of light have become so popular.
  • The love, joy and peace of our higher self have been concealed by the experiences of this world that have hurt & drained us emotionally and spiritually. Integrating angelic processes alone, with Reiki, Tarots or Numerology, can help us return to our natural state of being.
  • Immediate increase in energy and peacefulness can be felt in it. As a result, we find that life becomes more fulfilling when we actually feel the love, joy and peace that are our true nature. Through their guidance & energy, healing vibrations are increased. This helps us to release old patterns & heal emotional wounds of the past.
  • They communicate with us through their presence felt, signs, symbols, energy and numbers. If you understand these means of communication, you will be surprised to see that our angels are always there for us.

Who must attend?

  • Angel Therapy allows us to better understand our purpose and mission in life by awakening our spiritual consciousness.
  • By cleansing our minds of emotional baggage, Angel Therapy increases our optimism about our own lives and about the world around us.
  • It helps us to guide before taking any decision in life so we remain on the right track.
Workshop details
No. of days – 2
Note: Workshop includes learning of Angel Cards along with their use & meaning.


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