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What is Sound Healing?

  • Sound Healing uses sattvik sounds. Sattvik sounds are the ones that hold pure, sacred vibrations that upon penetrating in the body release the toxins.
  • The sounds at the initial stage starts altering the brain wave from waking up beta state to the meditative state which is alpha and moves beyond up to the state of Theta & Delta.
  • At these states, an individual exposed to the sounds is in the deep meditative state. Here, an individual consciously has no physical movements yet is aware of all that is going on in the surroundings.
  • There is absolutely no interference of human psychology to either analyze nor even to think about the process. It is completely the play of “sounds” that overpowers the whole process.
  • It is a myth that sound is perceived only through the ears, skin absorbs sounds in the form of vibrations too hence each and every organ, each & every cell of the body receives sounds.

Personal One-on-One Session
Duration :   60 minutes


Group Experiential to understand what is Sound Therapy and one experiential session
Duration :  2 to 4 hours


Who must attend?

  • who wants to raise their consciousness
  • who wants to live in this present moment
  • who wants to bring stillness within


Level 1     :

Level 2      :

Level 3      :

Singing Bowls : 2 days

Tuning Forks : 2 days

Gongs : 2 days


Singing Bowls –

Sound Healing utilizes the single-frequency vibrations generated by the Tibetan Singing Bowls to alter the body and mind, to harmonize our physical, mental, psychosomatic and emotional set-up. It brings about what we call as the tuning-in of the human vibratory system and create a state of physical and mental restful alertness through enhancing your entire perspective.

Tuning Forks –

Tuning Forks are the 2 pronged steel or aluminium made tools used by medical professionals to detect the hearing ability in the patient. With the advancement in the technology and in the field of holistic approach to heal & deal with lifestyle problems, Tuning Forks were introduced to work upon pains, inflammations, etc. We are the first one in India to use the Tuning Forks as a therapy tool to work upon various diseases. Please find the below pictures to see the amazing results these tools bring.

Gongs –

Gongs are the flat metal discs made mostly from 70-80% copper and 20-30% Tin. Every bowl(singing bowl) born is a gong first. Gongs are today widely used to promote healing and sense of well being. People also play Gongs in the concerts. In ancient days, gongs were used as bronze shields to give the sign of attack or retreat. Ethnomusicologists believe that the origin of the gongs was in Ancient Greece which then spread to India in 4th century BC with Alexander The Great. The original Greek Gong was called as Echeion. Gongs were also used in various occasions, in theatres, during birth or death ceremonies, in meditations and to alter states of consciousness.


Participant will get certificate of participation by A2A Wellness & Sound Healing India.

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