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What is life between lives?

  • Life between Lives Regression is a spiritual hypnotic regression which is focused on helping you reconnect with your soul self, your spirit guides and understand the ever expanding nature of your own consciousness.
  • This therapy certainly helps one to uncover the deeper lessons they need to learn in their current life as well as see the review of their past life which is of importance at that point of time.
  • Witness recurring karmic patterns in relationships, professional life with a complete non-judgmental view.
  • Meeting soul group assists in deeper insights over the current issues one is facing
  • It is life transforming therapeutic experience as one can integrate a lot of wisdom needed to move ahead in life.

Personal One-on-One Session
Duration :    2 to 4 hours


Group Experiential to understand what is Life between Lives Regression Therapy and one experiential session
Duration :     2 to 4 hours


Who must attend?

  • Who are interested in understanding their blueprint of life and want to know their road map how they arrived here.
  • Who are keen to understand the purpose of their life, karmic lessons and karmic baggage that they may be carrying.
  • Who want to grow spiritually and evolve without any magical thought or pretense who wants to free themselves of pain, hurt and guilt and disease.

Duration      :

2 days



  1. Multi dimensional aspect
  2. Chakra meditation
  3. Theory of mind with belief systems
  4. Regression & Progression
  5. Age & Womb regression
  6. Basis of Past life regression
  7. Why do we reincarnate?
  8. What is Past life regression therapy?
  9. Reincarnation dramas
  10. Fears & Phobia regression


  1. Psychosomatic disorders & past life causes
  2. Health regression
  3. Relationships with yourself & others through spiritual mirror
  4. Soul ages
  5. Seven Essene mirrors of self
  6. Self reflection
  7. Relationship Regression
  8. Life between lives
  9. Meeting your masters
  10. Purpose & lessons for life


Participant will get certificate of participation by A2A Wellness.



  • Overcome fear of death
  • Discovering Soul purpose
  • Deepens your connection with your soul & other celestial beings
  • Life Altering Wisdom
  • Understanding the people in your life
  • Feel more integrated and one with your own being
  • Understanding why you made the present life choices as a soul
  • Resolving Grief

Eligibility     :

Graduation completed or pursuing

Duration    :

4 days


  • Induction
  • Deepening & Visualization
  • Moving back in time (into the Mother’s Womb)\
  • Transition into Past Life
  • Past Life Death Scenes & Trauma Desensitization
  • Initial visualization of the Soul State
  • Instructions for Soul departure & entering the LBL state
  • Processing LBL state
  • Dimensional theories
  • Akashic records\
  • Surrogacy therapy for PLR & LBL


Participant will get certification by A2A Wellness.

Those who want certification by CALIFORNIA HYPNOSIS INSTITUTE (CHI)-USA will need to fill eligibility criteria of CHI, submit required case & appear in a test.

  • Duration :  5 days
  • Residential Program
  • Includes accommodation, meals, excursion, modules & certification

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