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What is inner child ?

Your Inner Child is the echo of the child you once were.

  • We were all at one time children. And the child you once were did not just up and vanish, to be replaced by a perfectly formed, always responsible adult.
  • Indeed, most of us act very much like children at least now and then. It’s in the moment you have a temper tantrum over a parking ticket, or fall into a panicky sense of abandonment when you learn your partner is going off for a three-week business trip.
  • And some of us, if we had a tough or loveless childhood, are actually children most (if not all) of the time. We might look like an adult, but inside is an angry five-year old who trusts no one and is secretly calling the shots.
  • In psychology, this part of your unconscious that represents the child you once were, and manifests as a sort of ‘other personality’ in social interactions, is often referred to as the ‘inner child’.

Personal One-on-One Session
Duration :    2 to 3 hours


Group Experiential to understand what is Inner Child Therapy and one experiential session.
Duration :   2 to 4 hours


Who must attend?

  • Individuals who seek to discover themselves completely devoid of all illusions and pretences and bring about a complete transformation thereby manifesting their highest potential
  • teachers and people who are interested to work with children and help them to grow spiritually
  • therapists and healers who wish to empower themselves so that they are able to design each healing session to suit the specific needs of the individual and guide them towards total fulfillment at all levels

Duration    :

3 days


Inner-Child Archetypes

  • The Abandoned Child ; The Neglected Child ; The Playful Child ; The Spoiled Child ; The Fearful Child; The Disconnected Child ; The Discounted Child; The Spiritual Child

The Energetics Of Voice Dialogue/Sub-personalities/Disowned Selves

  • Childhood De-conditioning Process
  • Inner-Child Self-Discovery Games
  • Non-Dominant Hand Drawings And Accessing The Intuitions Of The InnerChild
  • Inner-Child Wounds — The Different Ways In Which They Present Themselves In Life — Fear, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Addictions, Alcoholism, Anger, Rage, Self-Abuse, Self-Harm, Self-Sabotage, Abusive Relationships, Depression, Low Self Esteem, Co-Dependency, Fear Of Intimacy, Sexual Abuse

Inner-Child Recovery And Healing

  • Nurturing Your Inner-Child — Becoming The Nurturing Parent
  • The Inner Critical Parent — Replacing Self-Criticism With Self-Nurturing
  • Inner-Child Baggage — Recognizing And Healing Self-Destructive Thoughts
  • Connecting With The Higher Self — Learning To Connect Your Inner-Child With Inner Wisdom
  • The Roots Of Fear — Recognizing The Needy Inner-Child That Cries For Love
  • Healing Relationships — Seeing Through The Needy Inner-Child To Light Essence
  • Simple, Uncomplicated Love — Expanding Identity To Being Love
  • Emptiness And Neediness Of A Child – Different Types Of Emotional Energetic Holes (Energetic Holes Are Developed When An Essential Need Is Not Met As A Child)


Participant will get certification by A2A Wellness.

  • Duration : 5 days
  • Residential Program
  • Includes accommodation, meals, excursion, modules & certification

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